Any computer issues- Go for instant Remote tech support

   Computers have simplified our daily work to great extent but with extended use, it also starts throwing tantrums and generates issues that create hurdles in our work life. Today with Internet being the lifeline of almost every work, support service for computers have taken a leap, nowadays it not necessary anymore to run to local computer repairing vendors for every small issue with your system. Today if you have Internet connection, your system issues can be rectified and resolved in minimum waiting time at a very reasonable rate. Such online tech support is also termed as Remote Support .
Today instant remote online support service is provided extensively 24/7/365 to resolve your computer related issues regardless of complexities. Issues vary from computer to computer and so does the scope of support for various issues. Online Support Service can be provided for issues with

• Computer peripherals

• Internet

• Printer

• All Microsoft products

• Wireless

• Scanner

• Router

• Online Games Help

Apart from providing skilled support for the issues with the above, Remote Assistance Support can be availed to provide strong computer security through removal services through Antivirus Support for Virus spyware and common and latest emerging worms or other malicious programs. Remote access support also helps in providing required security for online frauds. Through remote support one can also avail security and data backup for important documents and data.

Once you contact a tech support service provider regarding issues with Windows OS, your system is provided with apt and prompt Windows remote support and all your issues are taken care of and resolved. The support is offered for all Windows OS and applications starting from Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista to Microsoft Windows 7 and other relevant OS. Your operating systems get upgraded and updated through such tech supports and you can eventually get proficient tech assistance over the Microsoft products like the Microsoft Office and Outlook.

iGennie is one such organization who foster certified engineers who provide efficient Online tech support and help for all the above issues. None the less, it also offers connoisseur tech support for few more errors and issues as follows:

• Windows driver updates

• Printer error

• Window 7 Printer Compatibility error

• Error 404 Not Found

• Windows Blue Screen error

Through this exclusive remote tech support service you can also get your Internet browser optimized to enjoy a fast and extensive internet surfing. To add on to the support provided to a host of computer issues, being a computer user you can also avail support services to get your system optimized for a better, faster-n-swifter and hurdle free computing experience.

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Optimize your PC to its peak performance through Online Support

Today the world is highly dependent on Computers. Most of us rely on computers to do our work. The condition is such that every work today, actively or passively rely on computers or related to it by any means. If you are an active computer user you must be well acquainted with the fact that if compute goes slow, all the work keeps on adding to the pending list and you fail to maintain the required pace of work. Imagine the annoyance when a student sits to check his marks online and the computer throws tantrum by running at a sluggish mode and running at its own sweet time. Many such situations often occur when computer slows down leaving you miserable. Do not huff and puff as you have an easy way out to kill the slow attitude of the computer and make it run at a faster speed. It is none other than the Online Support that you can avail from various tech support providers through internet, sparing just few minutes over a toll free phone call.

Online support service providers help you save some of your precious time by checking for your system issues and resolving your issues 24/7 whenever you call them over phone. They verify and check every component of your PC and diagnose the issue that stops the system from running at its optimum. Over time, your computer tends to slow down. Online tech support providers help you combat this and tune up your PC by completely eliminating the diagnosed issues, errors, junk data and worms that contribute in slowing down the computer.

One such proficient and effective online tech support provider is iGennie who provide unparallel support service to completely optimize your PC remotely. The tech experts of iGennie offer a host of services to detect issues and enhance the system performance to give you a problem free prompt and aptly operating computer. Few of the exclusive services performed by the tech experts are as follows:

• Clean up disk errors

• Fix incompatibility issues

• Remove temporary files

• Optimize your data

• Make Internet Explorer run faster

• Reduce the size of your webpage history

• Change setting to not save encrypted web pages

• Automate Windows Update

• Remove spyware, and help protect your computer from viruses

These are just a few among the long list of comprehensive tech support provided by the online tech support provider like iGennie. Just call at the toll free number of the Online Customer Service of the tech support providers and avail their unprecedented support anytime anywhere with sincere efforts.

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5 important services for best Windows Xp Support

  Microsoft, the big fish in the horde of Operating Systems is accredited of developing numerous operating systems among which Windows XP line of operating systems needs no introduction. This operating system is widely used on numerable computers throughout the world for various purpose that include extensive computing through desktops for both home and business, media centers, laptops and notebook computers. Windows XP was pseudonym as “Whistler”, owing to Whistler British Columbia. The “XP” was the abbreviated form of experience. Clubbing the two posed to form “Windows XP” as it is known today. Microsoft Windows XP launched in the year 2001 on October 25. Record depicts, by January 2006 more than 350 million copies were into use.

With time and use issues emerge as a natural consequence and so is the case with the Windows XP. In case a user faces such issues various online support for Windows XP are readily available at reasonable rate. Other than Microsoft Windows support for XP line of operating system, there are few more reliable organizations that offer exclusive and comprehensive Remote Support for n number of issues. Let us discuss few of such issues that are instantly taken care of and eliminated within fit of a moment. The most important five such online tech support services for Windows XP:

1. XP help and support to setup and configure Windows XP on the user’s computer

2. Instant tech assistance for fixing and repairing all any technical issue that arises with Windows XP

3. XP support for Windows XP customization according to the user your needs

4. Skilled tech support for registry scanning and fortify Windows XP with most effective security solutions

5. Adept and effective tech support for XP for optimizing Windows XP and enhance its performance

iGennie holds a significant place among such few best remote tech support services who offer unlimited and unprecedented remote support service via Internet. iGennie, is considered among the first-rated online tech support providers and is equipped with certified engineers who provide round the clock connoisseur tech assistance and get your issues resolved instantly without you taking even minimal trouble or tension. So, just a call to your preferred Online Help Support service provider and you can avail instant support to keep your Windows XP blue at bay.

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Does your Toshiba laptop webcam embarrass you while in a conversation?

                        Toshiba has emerged as a significantly leading technology giant that has introduced unparallel technology in its products and had set a new standard in the world of computers. In spite of the wide acclaimed technology to its advantage, with wear and tear the Toshiba laptops too give in to issues. At times it becomes a real cause of irritation when out of the blue webcam issues start troubling while you are chatting with your special someone or even is you are in between a highly important personal or professional conversation. One such issue arises with the use of webcam. Webcam in Toshiba laptops are often subject to Dark or black images or issues that spring up when a laptop had been restored from “sleep mode”. At such a cranky situation you need an expert Toshiba Tech Support to get your problem cracked at the earliest.

Apart from it Toshiba laptops often suffer from webcam driver update or upgrade issues. In spite of trying best known troubleshooting steps, the issue seems to persist. In such cases an adept Support Toshiba can take you out of these issues through the most appropriate procedures and also make you aware of the other existing faults in the Toshiba system that are yet to surface. Numerous Toshiba laptop Support teams are readily available who can provide necessary measures to resolve the system issues online and that too, instantly. IGennie being one such exclusive tech support provider that remotely accesses your system and make sure that your issues are uprooted effectively. This Online Help Support provider offers connoisseur support service, at any time throughout the day, week, month or year.

No matter how trivial or grave a Toshiba computer issue may be iGennie Toshiba laptop Support experts handle the issues with equal importance with the intention to let you enjoy a smooth and swift computing experience that you might have experienced never before. Computer repair, computer support or computer maintenance, iGennie is a one stop shop.



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Take pride in owning a Toshiba thrive!

                    This is the age of miniatures. Everything is now presented in small packages. Technology is no exception, every new technology is offered today in pocket or palm size. Computers today are available in tiny version of tablets, as they are called. In the horde of tablet manufacturing brands, Toshiba has also taken an entry at an exclusively new charisma. Toshiba Thrive, the 10.1 inch Android tablet is yet another introduction to the tablet family. Apart from the extensive array of Toshiba laptops ready to hit the market, Toshiba has tried its hand to manufacture a tablet masterpiece. For challenges you meet that do arise alike every device of any brand, call for the Toshiba Support and get the issues resolved instantly. Now one may think what is so unusual about the device and why should an individual fall for it? Toshiba being an epitome of quality is enough for the popularity the device claims. But apart from the name there are few more reasons that can induce you to crave for the Toshiba Thrive.

1. Personalization:

Toshiba Thrive features a stylish yet strong design with numerable back plates of different pastel shades at just $19.99. The back plates can be personalized upon one’s own whims.

2. Speed:

Toshiba Thrive vows to operate at strikingly fast pace with a 1 GHz dual-core processor and a 1 GB of DDR2 RAM.

3. Multimedia Options:

It’s a core Multimedia hub fully packed with exclusive multimedia options comprising of a full sized HDMI port, a mini USB port, a full sized USB 2.0 port, an SD card support, and dual cameras at the front and the rear.

4. Display:

The wide and vivid vibrantly colored display of Toshiba Thrive comprises of a 10.1 inch LED backlit capacitive display, 1280 x 800 resolutions with multi-touch screen.

5. Cost-to-Memory Versatility:

The Toshiba Thrive offers its users with3 variations to be selected as per memory needs and budget. It gears 8, 16, and 32 GB models priced according to the memory size at $429, $479, $579 respectively. No matter which model you select, option to enhance the memory is open as it also provides a SD card slot to accommodate.

The above features and many more makes it a choice apart and highly versatile being compactly styled that suits both pocket and needs. Alike any other mechanical or technological device, Toshiba thrive also have certain issues which should be first reported to Toshiba help support . In case the warranty period is over and you need an instant resolution for any issue get it repaired through online Toshiba support service providers and enjoy a hassle free computing. iGennie is an independent Online Support provider that will be of immense help in case of urgent computer support service and experience error free performance of your Toshiba Thrive.

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Customize Desktop themes without glitches

Though quality or performance of a product is the core intention to use it but the modern approach considers appearance to be equally important to sustain the market. Similarly a computer though owned to fulfill the purpose of computing but desktop themes also play a major role in giving the computer a striking display. Themes for Windows XP or other versions of Windows are selected from the provided list or even customized by the user to be displayed at the desktop  Support for XP to customize a desktop theme is readily available through prompt online IT support services. The settings of the given desktop themes can also be modified.

The themes can be of any picture or image, like landscape, Animals, creatures, flowers, monuments or even personal snaps. Today users also set animated pages as desktop themes. In case you are facing issues, do not hesitate to call for Windows XP support while customizing a desktop. Any online Tech Support team can help you out in this case. A blank desktop screen is dull and spiritless conveying just emptiness. But the desktop screen with an appealing image that flashes at the booting as a XP theme background not only appeals your eyes but also soar your spirits high.  Whenever you get glitches while changing or setting a new theme in your Windows XP system from a new source, get in touch with online tech companies that offer Support for Windows XP. They can help you setup an attractive theme and make your system features more functional. These are applied to add to more attractive traits to the appearance of the system that further conveys the taste and trait of the user.

A Desktop theme also declares the functional characteristic of the desktop and along with it impacts the icons, sound settings, and several other options of the system. You can always contact service providers for Windows support XP based systems to download the compatible themes from the genuine websites other than the ones available with the Operating System. iGennie is among the premium XP help and support providers who aptly help the user to change , customize, download, install and activate the best Windows XP theme of your choice on the system. The Windows XP help and Support team ensures that the pre-provided active desktop themes are properly enabled the through the desktop properties option. In case you want to confirm whether the chosen theme is being activated, before applying just click on the preview button and get assured.  Now, changing or customizing theme is as easy as pie.

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Aol Support/iGennie

One fine day I opened my AOL account only to see some mails from my acquaintances alerting me to keep my account out of the hacker’s reach. Being a part of the company’s administration, my mailbox is often stuffed with both confidential and significant mails containing private company details. My friends disclosed their experienced of being robbed off their confidential information by hackers. The matter took me aback. To keep my information a hush-hush affair, I decided to change my AOL mail login details. But in spite of numerous attempts I failed to change my username and password. I was not aware of any AOL Help provider but was determined to change it.

Hence, I started looking for the tech support providers who can provide me with apt AOL mail support. It was then that I happened to discover that iGennie tech support service providers are adept in providing with prompt AOL help and support. The online tech expert of iGennie patiently listened to my matter of concern and then made the matter clear to me. Assuring me to set protection tools to keep my AOL account secured, he helped with suitable AOL Support to change the username and password. They took my system in their control through remote access and through thorough diagnosis made me aware of the existing issues in my system and also informed me of the arriving problem that may hamper my swift computing experience as well as hinder my Internet usage.

After grave thought I decided to let the iGennie Technical Support team to remove the issues along with the AOL troubleshooting for all major and minor issues. My Login credentials got changed, my system and AOL account got protected and existing issues got all solved within a considerably low time span. I am really happy to get rid of all my issues at a one stop Online Support service provider. I discovered that they were available 24/7 and 365 days that too at a comparatively low price. Now onwards, for every technical issue I shall dial their toll free number. Thanks iGennie for turning my nightmares to sweet dreams!

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